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Tribute to the life of Gerald Brooks, Teacher

Black and white photo of the Fairbanks house, 847 Sherman Ave., with Jonathan Fairbanks standing in front. The house was built in 1870 with lumber that had been cut at his mill. Original address was 613 Sycamore, or Sycamore and Center.

Black and white photo of the Fairbanks tombstone and gravesite at Maple Park Cemetary. Decorated with flowers, probably for the burial of Jonathan Fairbanks, b. 1/7/1828, d. 9/17/1917.

Color Photo of Teacher Gerald Brooks with some of his students at Glendale High School. Brooks had taught formerly at Lincoln and Central High Schools.

Eight black and white photos of "Famous scenes on the Lincoln Highway in Wyoming". The photos are: Snowy Range, Sherman Hill, Tree in the Rock, Ames Monument, Telephone Canyon, Highway 30, Wister Memorial Plot and Rocky Vedauwoo Glenn. The cardboard holder reads: "Selected photographs to mail or to mount in your album".

Black and white photo of the Jonathan Fairbanks home at 847 Serman Ave. James O. Fairbanks, youngest of 9 children of Jonathan and Angie Bowker Fairbanks, is standing in the yard. He is the donor's uncle and Jonathan Fairbanks is the donor's grandfather.

Newspaper clippings and article about Myrl Billings who died in 1920 at age 23 from his World War I battlefield injuries. He helped found the Norval Stafford American Legion Post 125.

Black and white photo of James O. Fairbanks and his father, Jonathan Fairbanks, in front of the Fairbanks home at 847 Sherman Ave. In front is a large bed of iris with a west view of the house in the background. James was the youngest surviving son of Jonathan and Angie Bowker Fairbanks.

Plaque reading, "Literary, Calm Chat Club, 1928-1978, Charter Members, Ada Fulbright Cordia Penn, Olive J. Decatur Mary Tolliver, Zelma Graham Esther Campbell, Roberta Bartley Grace Stephens, Other Members, Effie Kent Elsie Nicholas, Pauline Deimer Thelma Reid, Alvita Decatur Florence Thompson, Daisy C. Jenkins Rosanna Williams"

Black and white photo of George and Eliza Bedell Crittendon with their two sons and 6 daughters. Crittendon is seated holding a hat and Eliza is seated at his left. At his right is his son Roy. Crittendon escaped from slavery in AR, fought in the Union Army with Company H, 2nd Missouri Light Artillery, and was in the Battle of Wilson's Creek. He later worked for the Springfield Wagon Company. RESTRICTED ACCESS. DO NOT USE WITHOUT PERMISSION.

Black and white photo made from a newspaper clipping of the Calm Chat Club 42nd Anniversary meeting. In the photo, l-r, are: Roberta Bartley, Cordia Penn, Roseana Williams, Zelma Graham, Daisy Jenkins, Frankie Anderson, Modene Johnston, Mildred Robinson, Ruthie Pitts, Olive Decatur, Sue Simmons, Ollie Allen and Effie Hughes. The group was a litereary club formed in 1928 for female African- American teachers . Books were purchased, read and discussed and then given to the Black school. Other fund-raising activities were also conducted by the club.

Scrapbook of Alex (Allesandro) Fellini, Italian American in descent, who had Ford dealership in Springfield for many years. Also see Larry Sansone, Charles Sansone, Gillioz Theatre, Colonial Hotel, Pepperdine School, Chamber of Commerce, Ass. Retailers Assn., vocal music, drama, Shrine Mosque, Kentwood Arms, autumobile, WPA, minstrel, Better Business Bureau, songs, Anchor Broom Mfg. Co., tractors, Frisco Railroad, Allen Foster, Bias, public square, Henry Ford, Lester E. Cox, Ernest Breech, Lincoln, Keet Curran, John Dukewits, Agnes Reeves, Fremont Ave.

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