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The History Museum on the Square is excited to announce their brand new Civics on the Square programming, which includes 10 civics-focused Cub Scout and Scouts BSA Merit Badge Programs:

Cub Scouts

  • Animal Kingdom
  • King of the Jungle
  • Council Fire
  • Finding your Way
  • Paws for Action
  • Building a Better World

Scouts BSA

  • American Heritage
  • Citizenship in the Community
  • Citizenship in the Nation
  • Citizenship in the World

During these unique program experiences, scouts step back into history as they complete the requirements for their badge. Badge program prices vary. Scheduling prioritized for weekends during museum hours and Wednesday/Thursday evenings. Come explore a new way to earn your civics and citizenship themed badges at the History Museum on the Square!

AND, as a special promotion this month, any troop that calls to book their program in March will get to add the full museum access for FREE!

To request a BSA Program, fill out the reservation form. We will contact you within three business days to follow up on or confirm your reservation. To follow up with questions, call 417-831-1976 or send an email to

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Badge Program

Badge Program prices vary

Badge Descriptions

Animal Kingdom

In this 2 hour program, scouts step back in time to 1941 to see what it was like to serve their country and community as a WWII medical professional and practice first aid on a wounded soldier. They will also see how regular citizens stepped up to practice stewardship of resources in wartime America. They will also have the chance to provide some service to their community.

(Lion) Kindergarten

King of the Jungle

In this 2 hour program, scouts will explore what it means to be an active and engaged citizen and a good leader. They will also learn the history of our flag and be challenged to design a new flag for the museum before participating in an official flag ceremony.

(Lion) Kindergarten

Council Fire

In this 2-hour program, scouts will see how Springfield has changed over the last 200 years and how homelessness has manifested as an important issue in our community. This program will also include a visit with a local veteran, a flag ceremony, and a chance to do some community service. 

(Wolf) 2nd grade

Finding Your Way

In this 2-hour program, scouts will explore maps and compass skills while they discover the uncharted west with Lewis & Clark. The program will culminate in a scavenger hunt through the museum.

(Wolf) 2nd grade

Paws for Action

In this 2-hour program, scouts learn about famous western figure Wild Bill Hickok and how the first Wild West shootout happened here on Springfield's Square, ultimately changing the course of Wild Bill’s hopes to be city marshall. They will also get a chance to interview a modern SPD police officer and learn about the history of our nation’s flag and pledge of allegiance.

(Bear) 3rd grade

Building a Better World

In this 2-hour program, Boy Scouts will learn about the history of the U.S. flag and the "rule of law," discuss issues our community and world face today, and participate in a flag ceremony.

(Webelos/Arrow of the Light) 4th/5th grade

Citizenship in the The Community

In this 3 hour program, Scouts will look at what it means to be an active citizen in their local community, as well as explore the different public services and charitable organizations that make Springfield a great place to call home. 

(BSA) 6th-12th grade

Citizenship in the Nation

In this 4 hour program, scouts will research historic documents and speeches that shaped our national character, as well as learn about the basics of how our government works today. We will also investigate locations of historical significance. This program can include a walking tour downtown.

(BSA) 6th-12th grade

Citizenship in the World

In this 3 hour program, scouts examine the processes that allow nations to interact with each other around the globe. They learn about how current events are shaped by those global relationships and get a chance to travel through customs with their passport.

(BSA) 6th-12th grade

Citizenship in The Society

Check back soon for more details. 

(BSA) 6th-12th grade (COMING SOON)

American Heritage

In this 2 hour program, scouts learn about the ideas and traditions that define our American culture and explore how that culture influences both us and other people around the world.  This program can include a walking tour downtown.

(BSA) 6th-12th grade

Indian Lore

Check back soon for more details.

(BSA) 6th-12th grade (COMING SOON)


Check back soon for more details.

(BSA) K-12th grade (COMING SOON)


Check back soon for more details.

(BSA) K-12th grade (COMING SOON)