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Gallery Overview

As a stop on the National Park Service’s Trail of Tears Passport Program, this gallery explores the life, stories, and lost traditions of Ozarks tribes that were forced into the plains and reservations of Kansas and Oklahoma.

Learn about the Native American experience as you step inside a life-size tipi dwelling. View arrowheads from the area, follow the tracks of animals that were hunted by the tribes and discover the many unique artifacts on display.

Take in the stories of Osage, Kickapoo, and Delaware tribes who once dwelled here, and stop to reflect upon their origins at the Native American Theatre.

Mask Group 9

The Experience

  • Discover the lifestyle, traditions, and dwellings of local Native Americans through rich artifacts, maps, and a life-size buffalo skin tipi
  • Take the kids on an interactive animal discovery as they follow tracks and hunt for facts hidden in rocks throughout the gallery
  • Walk through the forest of tribes, and examine the effects of America’s Westward Expansion, Manifest Destiny, and the tragic Trail of Tears
  • Learn about the early origins of the Osage, Delaware, and Kickapoo tribes in our Native American Theatre
  • View the original mural "The Trail of Tears through Springfield" painted by artist Andy Thomas especially for this gallery

Illuminating Stories of the Past

Places To Visit

The museum is located at the heart of historic downtown Springfield, Missouri. You’ll find parking and restaurants within walking distance. Our interactive map shows places of rich history in and around the Springfield area, from Civil War sites to the iconic Rail Haven motel on historic Route 66.