Bring Local History to Life in the Classroom: Teaching Resources from History Museum on the Square

By visiting History Museum on the Square, you can take a look at the artifacts and reproductions that make up our local history. But through our educational trunk program, you can bring Missouri history to life in the classroom by borrowing a collection of artifacts from History Museum on the Square.

The educational trunk program is a show-and-tell experience that highlights Springfield & Missouri history for kids and adults alike. As a teacher, you can rent our trunks for your next local history lesson; or as a community member, you can request one of our trained volunteers to present a trunk at your next event. Having a hands-on experience with these artifacts makes history come alive right in front of your students’ eyes. We’ve created six educational trunks you can choose from. Each trunk holds artifacts and and activities from a specific time in Greene County & Missouri history. The topics covered by our trunks include:

  • Pioneer Experience: This trunk covers the early settlers in the Missouri region in the early 1800s and exists to educate about the lifestyles of the early settlers in this region. In this trunk, there are a wide variety of artifacts and documents including cooking tools, period clothing, and toys that were used by these early pioneers. This trunk is appropriate for 2nd graders and up.
  • Civil War: Learn more about the role Missouri played in the Civil War with this trunk. The trunk includes union uniforms, various soldier paraphernalia, and books covering personal memoirs during the war. This trunk is appropriate for 4th graders and up.
  • World War II: Discover the living conditions here and abroad during World War II. Artifacts include American and German mess kits, recruitment posters, military uniforms, and more. This trunk is appropriate for 4th graders and up.
  • Early Native Americans: This trunk offers an understanding of what life was like for Missouri’s native inhabitants who lived and migrated throughout the state. This trunk includes projectile points, animal pelts, trade blankets, and more. This trunk is appropriate for 1st graders and up.
  • Osage Indians: Learn more about the lives of the Osage tribe, who were the longest inhabitant tribe in recorded Missouri. Artifacts in the Osage Culture Traveling Trunk include linguistic activities, clothing, and song and dance material. This trunk is appropriate for 1st graders and up.
  • Lewis & Clark: The Corps of Discovery Expedition to the Pacific Coast, otherwise known as the famous journey of Lewis and Clark, is one that includes Missouri in its canon. This trunk includes Native American trade goods, tools used by the Corps, the Jefferson Peace Medal, and more. This trunk is appropriate for 3rd graders and up.

These trunks are great teaching resources for any school as well as homeschool families and community groups. Call the museum at 417-831-1976 for pricing. 

Are you interested in booking an educational trunk show? Contact us at History Museum on the Square. We’ll present to audience sizes ranging from 6-200 people.

We can work with you to plan a hands-on educational program your audience will remember!