Historic Fox Theatre

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The Historic Fox Theatre is a popular destination located on Springfield, Missouri's Downtown Square. From its opening in 1916 as the Electric Theatre, a stage and movie house, to its new life as the beautiful Fox Theatre in 1949, the Fox has remained a beloved must-see Route 66 stop and part of the city's history for over a century. Consider having your next concert, recital, or special event at our historic theater!

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Rental Features

  • Bose Speaker sound system
  • Various microphone options
  • Video projection equipment with a 40x16 foot screen
  • Stage lighting system
  • Seating for 550 audience members

Rental For a Day

Additional Days

Staff Cost - Per Hour

Sound/Lighting Operation - Per Hour





Deposit of 50% the total amount due when contract is signed
Non-Profit Rate: 25% off the venue (not including staff cost or additional rental days)
Event insurance required.

Additional Information

The historic Fox Theatre is part of the History Museum on the Square complex at 157 Park Central Square in downtown Springfield. The theater was constructed in 1916 and remodeled in 1930 and again in 1947 to its current configuration.

All entry to the theater is through the front doors on Park Central Square, through the lobby. The theater is a single-level space with seating for 550 people. There are two sets of small public restrooms in the lobby.

Stage Area

The stage area is 29 feet deep and 40 feet wide at the proscenium. There is currently no fly space and two traverse hung curtains define the front and back. There are three large white panels on each side of the stage defining the wing space. There are double doors on Olive Street that allow access directly to the stage. There are no dressing rooms backstage.

Sound System

The sound system consists of Bose Speakers, a 32 channel mixer with two snakes with 10 jacks each coming from the back of the stage and 9 jacks available on the front of the stage. There are six wired microphones and stands, two wireless lapel microphones and one wireless handheld microphone available. Wiring is in place for two monitors on the front of the stage.

Video Projection Equipment

Projection equipment is available including an 18-foot-wide roll down screen and top of the line projector with an eight channel switcher and Blu-ray player and cabling for attachment to a laptop computer. There are two computer controlled projectors attached to the light grid which can display photos and videos on a 40’x16’ screen hung in front of the rear curtain on stage.

Stage Lighting

Stage lighting includes eight source Four Jr. lights with 575W lamps and gel frames located above the front of the stage upstage of the main drape. All of the lights are controlled from a Lightronics TL5024 wireless lighting control located with the video and sound control in the center of the seating area.

Theater Area

All entry to the theater is through the front doors on Park Central Square and through the lobby. The theater is currently a single level space with seating for 550. There are two sets of small public restrooms in the lobby.

The George Kieffer Mural Hall

We are patiently waiting to have our three beloved George Kieffer murals professionally restored. Currently, they are covered and not on display in the historic Fox Theatre mural hall. However, we are proud to have these fantastic murals as part of the History Museum on the Square in downtown Springfield, Missouri.

Painted in 1949 to commemorate the reopening of the Fox after it was destroyed by fire, the murals depict the Stone Chapel on the Drury University campus, the Battle of Wilson's Creek, and the administration building at Missouri State University.

The murals have begun to show some wear and tear nearly 72 years after they were painted. Restoration will ensure that visitors will continue to enjoy the murals for years to come and reminisce about going to the movies at the Fox Theatre in days gone by.

2 Fox_Three Kieffer Murals @ the Fox