SBJ’s 40 Under 40 Charity Partner Fundraiser – Congratulate Matt Turer with your gift!

Congratulations to Springfield Business Journal 40 Under 40 honoree Matt Turer!

Matt says, “History is important because history repeats itself! It is such a valuable window into who we were, who we are, and what we can become as a people and a country (and a city). It tells the stories of how we got here, and of our ancestors, and–on a more community-focused level–history gives an identity to a city. All of the old architecture and buildings in a city tell a story and should be preserved. Street names tell stories and should be understood. History for a community should be just as important as history for your family–without those stories of our past, we have no meaning or perspective. Some of my most impactful cultural experiences have been in museums as a child, and still today as an adult. Whenever my family went on vacation, that city’s museum was part of our itinerary. There isn’t necessarily one moment that stands out, but I’m appreciative of all of them collectively and have always loved American History and World History because of museums. The History Museum on the Square does this for Springfield and is such a great, valuable and necessary resource for Springfield and Southwest Missouri.”

Support Matt’s fundraising efforts for the History Museum on the Square’s educational programming for local schools by making your donation below today!



All proceeds from the 40 Under 40 charity partner fundraiser will support the History Museum on the Square’s educational programming, including our newest program, Meet Missouri.

In the Meet Missouri program, students will have the opportunity to experience history like never before. Centered around notable Missourians, the Meet Missouri programming offers field trips, scavenger hunts, and interactive experiences to bring Missouri history to life! Missouri is a beautiful state, but to truly know its history, you must know its people.

Help us fund educational programming and provide scholarships to students!